Specialist wound care to rebuild the lives of physically injured ex-service men and women


The best way to learn about our work and why it is so important is to read case studies of the veterans we have worked with. In the poster presentations below you will find case studies which show the impact of traumatic wounds and the support which Woundcare4Heroes can provide.

A patient’s perspective on his military and civil post-trauma wound care treatment
Michael’s wound care journey started with an ill-fated parachute landing during an army parachute training exercise in Cyprus in January 2012. As he came in to land, a crosswind caught him, throwing him to the ground and causing an open complex fracture to his tibia and fibula. Mike’s fractures turned into a series of challenges that included several rounds of surgery and injuries that became life changing. In this article, Michael describes his experience of treatment by specialist military trauma services, a veteran’s charity and his local NHS wound care team.

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Transitional needs of veterans returning to civilian care
This poster presentation from Harrogate 2014 explores the complex and multi-faceted process of returning veterans to civilian care. It presents case studies of 4 veterans and discusses the importance of a single point of contact to help manage pathways of care. 

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Specialist complex wound services for veterans
This poster presentation from Harrogate 2013 presents a retrospective audit 
and implementation of pilot specialist complex woundcare services in the UJK for veterans injured whilst serving their country. 
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The longevity of specialist wound care requirements
This poster presentation from Harrogate 2012 presents case histories of two veterans - one in his late twenties, currently in the 5th year of his wound management journey, and the other in his nineties having endured a 70 year journey of recurrent open leg wounds.

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