Specialist wound care to rebuild the lives of physically injured ex-service men and women

Presenting to the SDMA

Woundcare4Heroes makes history by being the first charity to present to the Surgical 

Dressings Manufacturing Association (SDMA) members since its establishment in 
January 1931. 

On 29th April 2014 Woundcare4Heroes shared its vision and mission with 
association members aiming to raise awareness of their charity work and to seek 
support to produce innovative solutions for our injured veterans needs and help drive 
the charities clinical growth and development to serve more injured veterans in the 

The transitional and long term complex wound needs of veterans were presented 
highlighting the initial traumatic needs and consequent development of longer term 
surgical needs and development of chronic wounds related to severe traumatic 

Origins of the SDMA 

The SDMA has its origins in late Victorian times, when the owners and directors of surgical 
dressing manufacturers used to meet informally at the Russell Hotel in London. 
In January 1931 the decision was taken to make it a formal organisation with a written 
constitution. It is a very different organisation today, but it still retains its original management 

Introduction to the SDMA 

The SDMA serves companies that manufacture or distribute wound care or associated 
products within Europe – and have a presence in the UK or Ireland. This covers the 
professional, retail and veterinary market sectors. 
Currently the SDMA has 17 member companies representing a combined turnover of over 
£1.4bn in wound care products – with a significant proportion of that going to export. Members 
range in size from small family companies to major multinational organisations – but each 
member has an equal voice in the association, regardless of size. 
The SDMA is very much run by its members. Consequently, it is tactical in nature and has a 
secretary rather than a directorate. 
It currently has work groups looking at commercial, technical, environmental and regulatory 
issues that effect the industry as a whole. 
It also has forms special interest groups when necessary. Currently these include: 
 - The Drug Tariffs 
 - BS and EN standard development 
 - Clinical evidence for wound care products 
 - Hip protector standards 
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